About H2Know

H2Know is designed to bring the challenges, solutions, science and research related to our vital water resources to the classroom.

The H2Know Lake Erie digital case study is published by the Nutrients for Life Foundation, an education non-profit that grows understanding for the vital role fertilizers play in sustaining a growing population. To connect with a Nutrients for Life Foundation representative who can support teachers with the content, contact us.

The H2Know educational content is supported by the International Plant Nutrition Institute, Nutrients for Life Canada, The Nature Conservancy, Ohio Agribusiness Association and The Fertilizer Institute. The following partners supported the H2Know Lake Erie case study development through funding:

A special thank you to the experts who participated in the H2Know case study:

  • Doug Wagner, City of Oregon, OH, Water Treatment Superintendent
  • Justin Chaffin, Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Ohio Sea Grant, Stone Laboratory
  • Logan Haake, Ohio farmer and Precision Agriculture Manager at Legacy Farmers Cooperative
  • Libby Dayton, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
  • Kevin King, Ph.D., USDA-Agricultural Research Service

Upcoming Sections

Section 01

Start by discovering an issue that led to a water ban impacting more than 400,000 residents in Toledo, Ohio, in 2014.

Section 02

Is Lake Erie the perfect environment for algae? Learn about its limnological characteristics and the history of this issue.

Section 03

Study the Western Lake Erie Watershed to look for activities that may impact water quality.